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Case Study – Specialised Pipe Racks – Lubricant Plant Expansion




YEAR: 2017



TFG Group proudly completed the Greenfield mechanical installation expansion for Fuchs Lubricants in Beresfield, New South Wales. The 12-month installation project included nine kilometres of 304 stainless steel sanitary grade tube, one kilometre of stainless steel pipe, multiple tanks and the specialised fabrication of a blending platform and pipe racks to move specialised oils around the 25,000 metered squared factory.


Austline Fabrication’s engineering team completed 3D drawings, then designed, fabricated and installed the 35 tonne specialised blending platform and pipe racks for the Lubricant Plant. The racks were designed for 40 percent extra capacity with future expansion. The platform is over 40 meters long and three tiers high and was flat packed, transported, assembled and installed by the Foodline Projects team on site in Beresfield. 40 tonnes of steel were used in the fabrication of the pipe racks and platform.

Austline also fabricated in their Perth Workshop a 6m x 4.5m blending platform complete with a stair access platform. It also included two extensive flow boards incorporating 46 ports and swing boards, combined with the fabrication and welding of additive hoppers. These were transported to site in Beresfield and installed by the Foodline team. Both platform and flow boards include full drip tray protection for cleanliness and safety of operators.


TFG Group reached another project milestone in quality and safety with 12 months or 26,000 hours MTI and LTI free. This is a testament to the dedicated project team on completing the specialised installation of pipework, tanks and all equipment within budget and on time.

Stainless Steel Launder Fabrication

Rio Tinto’s $2.6 billion Amrun project in Queensland is nearly one third complete, with bauxite shipments on track to begin during the first quarter of 2019. Civmec was awarded $160 million of contracts to construct a processing facility including bauxite beneficiation plant and associated capabilities/water, electrical and lighting systems. Civmec’s CEO, Patrick Tallon said the contracts had created jobs and provided a boost to Australia’s economy.

Austline Fabrications is proud to be awarded the stainless steel launder fabrication for this project and are committed to quality assurance by adhering to ISO 9001 coupled with providing ASSDA accredited fabricators.

Tanks and Vessels

Austline Fabrications has won the tender to fabricate a pressure vessel for Alfa Laval to be installed at Carlton & United Breweries, Yatala in Queensland.

TFG Group has successfully fabricated tanks and vessels for the past 13 years, ranging from small balance tanks for the food and beverage industry to large pressure vessels for the mining and chemical sectors. TFG has manufacturing facilities well suited to fabricate almost any type or size of tank or vessel and are qualified to fabricate carbon and stainless steel type constructions. We can provide vessels to suit a wide variety of operating conditions, process requirements customised to client specifications and are capable of fabricating and installing tanks or vessels complete with structural support work ladders, stairs or platforms, pipework and pumps as well as any other ancillary equipment that is required.

TFG has successfully fabricated acid and chemical tanks, CIP break tanks and pressure vessels and has installed fermenters, bright beer mash tun, lauder tun, working kettles and whirlpool tanks.

All tanks and vessels are fabricated and installed in accordance with our ISO 9001 Quality Assurance accreditation.

For more information visit http://www.tfggroup.com.au/services/tanks-vessels/

Civmec Reclaimer Buckets

Austline Fabrications fabricated Reclaimer Buckets for Civmec which have made their way to their final destination at the Port Kembla Coal Terminal. It is very impressive technology, so keep an eye out in the video above for the buckets from 1 minute onwards…

Check in at www.tfggroup.com.au for more projects.

Major Piperacks BrewPack

Austline Fabrications has been awarded the design, fabrication and installation of the major piperacks at the new brewery, BrewPack in Goulburn NSW. Congratulations to the TFG team and BrewPack for building things that matter! Great addition to the Goulburn community.

From the Archives…

Showcasing TFG Group’s Austline Fabrications team from 2005 who fabricated this aluminium Helicopter Undercapabilities/water Escape Training (HUET) simulator for ERGT. TFG loved this project and are still fabricating from a diverse range of metals including stainless steel and exotic alloys.