TFG’s Austline Fabrications Division

At TFG, as well as our Foodline Division, we also have our Austline Division, aptly named Austline Fabrications. Austline Fabrications specialises in mild and stainless steel, aluminium and exotic alloy fabrication for a wide range of clients in the resources, capabilities/water, food & beverage and commercial industries. Austline also undertakes highly complex fabrications and installations for the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries supplying specialised components to TFG Group’s Foodline Projects division.

Austline Fabrications has experience in the foodbeveragebrewingdairymining & resourceschemical and water industries across all states of Australia. We are very proud of our ability to provide our clients with the experience and a wealth of knowledge that allows for the successful delivery of metal fabrication projects. 

We have teams of welders and fabricators available, and with over 23 years in the stainless steel & metal fabrication, Austline Fabrications can handle any project involving:

  • Stainless Steel Welding
  • Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Orbital Welding 
  • Pressure Vessel Fabrication
  • Stainless Steel Tank Fabrication

A recent project completed by Austline Fabrications that utilised many stainless steel welders was a project for Clough Suez. This project saw the fabrication of a 10,000-litre Sulphuric Acid Storage Tank. Our stainless steel welders fabricated the tanks using 316-grade stainless steel which was welded to full penetration, X-Ray standards with various sized 316 pipe and flanges. 

Similarly, a project for Evoqua saw the stainless steel fabrication of 32 header spools to the Queensland Water Authority Standard and Specification. Austline’s stainless steel welders fabricated the 16 X 250 NB Spools and the 16 X 350 NB Spools in stainless steel 316 Schedule 10 Pipework. All 384 X 80 NB Victaulic connections. There is 12 per spool, and they were fabricated using both MIG and TIG welding. The delivery was scheduled and on time and met all QA and safety requirements. Our stainless steel welders are proficient in stainless steel fabrication, as demonstrated in this project. 

Austline Fabrications ensures we deliver high-quality fabrication from one-off pieces to full turnkey projects for mechanical and processing systems.

Using stainless steel to weld with maintains Austline Fabrications high standards and quality assurance. Stainless steel is highly sanitary, making it perfect for installation in various food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. Austline Fabrication has used sanitary stainless steel welding for Process Partners, where we fabricated and installed pasteuriser skids. Naturally, this environment must be kept sterile, and that is why stainless steel fabrication by TFG Austline was engaged. This project was also delivered with a tight schedule and on time. From receipt of drawings and equipment, the skids were delivered to site within a six-week timeframe. The skids arrived fully assembled, and this enabled the connection on-site to minimise installation and testing time at the Wetherill Park Dairy.

In conclusion, TFG’s Austline Fabrications sector allows for high-quality stainless steel welding and stainless steel fabrication. It is also sanitary, which enables us to work in human-grade environments and even sterile pharmaceutical environments. TFG Austline Fabrications is proud of their hard work and commitment to get the job done right every time through careful planning and quality stainless steel welding & fabrication. 

Lorraine’s 6th Year of Service.

Today we congratulated Lorraine, our Finance and Administration Manager, on her 6 years of service! Lorraine is always a loyal and passionate member of the TFG Team. Thank you for upholding the TFG vision and values and constantly endeavouring to “make it happen”.

R U Ok Day 2019

R U Ok? Day.
Super important to take some time to share a few moments with each other each day. Connect and check in with each other.
This day is important.
Every day is important.
You never know what impact your words will have and you should never be afraid to ask someone Are you Ok?
Listening is important.
Conversations change lives.

Independent Beer Awards 2019

The Australian brewing community gathered in Melbourne last week to celebrate the best beer in the country at the Independent Beer Awards, affectionately known as ‘The Indies’.
Some of the TFG team were there to celebrate Brew Con ’19 and we congratulate Balter Brewing Company for being awarded the Champion Independent Brewery for the state of Queensland!
Shout out to Balter, keep brewing that good stuff and
contributing to improving Australia’s beer culture.
The TFG lads enjoyed the atmosphere and connected with the industries finest!!!

TFG Teamwork

Here’s cheers to the team spirit within TFG …
“We’ll Make it Happen” did loudly resonate around the workshop late last week. The Workshop team put in some very long days to get large jobs to our clients on time and within budget !!
Big shout out to all of you in Perth at President Street.
You empowered each other, showed ultimate efficiency and worked safely under pressure ! Great work ethic too!!!

R U Ok – 12th Sep 2019

R U OK? Day is next Thursday the 12th of September.
This year lets encourage each other to Trust the Signs, Trust your Gut & Ask R U OK?

Let’s empower each other to feel confident looking out for the cues in what someone’s saying, doing and what’s going on in their life that could indicate a mate or loved one is struggling. Whenever you notice a change, no matter how small, we ask you to trust your gut and start an R U OK? conversation.

Spread the word.